Honda CRV

Honda CRV 4*4 This small and manoeuvrable off-road vehicle also takes you to the picturesque mountains of Albania. And at night you sleep quietly and comfortably in the practical roof tent.

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Sprinter High

Our Sprinter High is ideal for two people. Two berths are located upstairs in the alcove. Two sleeping berths in the living area. A kitchenette with gas cooker, refrigerator and sink is located in the rear of the room. The bathroom has a washbasin, shower and cassette toilet.

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TP Link

TP-Link xy334, have Internet with an albanian sim-card   (Dont worry about your first moments in Albania anyway: you will have internet right from the Spot when you get out of the plane and on the parking-site by the general airport-wifi. This means we are available through whatsapp from the first moment.)

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