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To submitt your reservation please click on “Book Now” and write your dates into the calendar.  We will send you the price for your complete booking-time then. Your order is valid after we received 20% of the price.
A deposit of 1.000 Euro is required too, please pay the deposit in cash when you receive the car in Tirana. The insurance requires this contribution of the renter if damages at the car happen. Fortunately prices for repairs in Albania are low, we never took more than 200 Euro damage-contrubition from a renter till now.

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 Cleaning & Logistic40,00 € - One Time
 Extra 100km/day10,00 € - Per Day
 Extra driver5,00 € - Per Day
 Full Risk Insurance10,00 € - Per Day
 Mountain Bikes5,00 € - Per Day
 Add 2nd driver5,00 € - Per Day
 Cleaning & LogisticCleaning & Logistic
 Extra +100km / day10,00 € - Per Day
 Economic Deposit1000,00 € - One Time

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Add more practical items to the equipment. one of them is always free.

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TP-Link xy334, have Internet with an albanian sim-card   (Dont worry about your first moments in Albania anyway: you will have internet right from the

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