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WhatsApp Jochen Bald
WhatsApp Jochen Bald

Rent CamperVans in Albania

Our Motorhome & campervan renting selection

You want to rent a campervan in Albania? You can pick it up in the Airport of Tirana ! Choose your van and book it, you don’t need to pay now to make your reservation ! After a down-payment of 20% the reservation is valid. Rent also campers, camping car, motohromes and vans !

Sprinter Light from 100 €/night !

Rent this CamperVan for 2 people. You will feel really confortable thanks to the fridge, the heater and enough electricity to plug computers.

Honda CRV 4*4 from 120 €/night!

Perfect for the mountains and the beach.

Sprinter Light
Tirana Camping Car Sprinter high
from 110 €/night!

The perfect Camping Car for 2 people. Equiped. You will feel at home 😉

VW T4 Caravelle from 90 €/night !

Ideal for a couple ! More flexible and lively thanks to his low wheight: perfect to to some adventurus albanian road. You have electricity, heater, and a mini-kitchen. (Volkswagen T4 / California)

Sprinter Yellow
Sprinter Yellow
from 120 €/night!

The strong Sprinter:

T3 Westphalia
VW T3 Westfalia
from 100 €/night

The Legend!

VW Microbus 4*4
VW Microbus 4-wheel-drive from 120 €/night!

Perfect for the mountains and the beach.

Euramobile from 140 €/night!

Perfect for campground and beach or mountains.

Insurance & Services - Hire OUR Campervans

Car insurance

The basic car insurance covers all the damage caused to other people.

Premium Insurance

You can also take the premium insurance that covers all damaged of the both vehicules.
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100 km/day offered

The classic feature includes 100 km/day. You can extend this amount of kilometers whit the premium plan.

Book now vans from 63€/night !

The premium option allow you for 10€/day more to drive 200km/day !
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Assistance 24h/7

We provide you all the help you need at every hour of the day, for assistance, help with the features of the vehicule etc.

You need to call us?

If you have any kind of problem call us at the nulmber that is available on or contatc page. You can also write us an e-mail.
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Climate-friendly ways to Albania

Trains and over-night-trains go to Belgrade, there you can take a bus to Albania . Busses are going regularily, it is possible to stay in a nice town overnight and take the next bus which goes to Albania. You can book one of our campervans with reduced price and drive it from Stuttgart/Germany to Albania or Croatia (or from Albania to Croatia or Germany with 25 Percent off).

Connect to the locals

Stay with car near restaurants or bars, they will protect you, help you, they have a toilette, electricity and you will experience their culture.
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Book now vans from 90€/night !

You can book the vehicule and all the options on this website. Among those options you can choose to add climbing equipment, mountain bikes, kayaks and more features. You can pay by card or in cash once you are in Tirana or pay in advance in the website.

Rent a Campervan in Albania from 90€/night !

You can choose among our different models and request a quote! You don't need credit card !
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The van life experience

Real experiences coming! Reality – not instagramm! Real life! Once in a life-time! Young only once! I can not write enough exclamation-marks.  You will experience a really foreign world in a unique way – free and independent. Our Team will keep you safe by our translation-service: open your loud-speaker in your phone and phone our translators.  They will speak to you and to the Albanians in front of you simultanously.

In this way you can solve difficulties and start a contact with albanian people. Connect to the locals – they enjoy contact to young people from the outside world. Their country has been isolated for decades. Bars und Restaurants like it when you stay near them – they hope you eat or drink a coffee at their place. They help you (e.g. with 220 Volt electricity), have a toilette, protect you, tell you good places and perhaps tell youq about life in Albania (if you like).

Connect to the locals – have deeper experiences.


Dont drive at night! If you kill the shock-absorbers because you go into a deep hole or full-speed over a speed-reducer – you will loose 140 Euro from your deposit (e.g. Sprinter).

Use the park4night-app for finding nice places for staying overnight. We recommend staying near a beach-bar or Restaurant.

Van Road trip in albania: 2 weeks itinary

Day 1: Visit Tirana, the beautiful capital of Albania

Tirana is European and Albanian, colourful and lively. Ideal for arriving, organising the journey, acclimatising. In every Albanian lives eternally their hero Skanderbeg, stubborn and freedom-loving. 

The former mayor and current prime minister Edi Rama was an artist before his political career and this can be seen everywhere in the city. Lively as Tirana has the highest density of bars in Europe. In the photo below? you can see the path to the Toptanis’ city castle, lined with bars and ice cream parlours. The neighbouring district of Bloku is where Tirana’s youth meets. Get some googlemaps-locations and phone numbers of the hottest beach bars along the coast.

Day 2: Bovilla park, the Albanian hidden perl

In my opinion one of the most beautiful nature spot of Europe ! Just at 1 hour driving of there. As there is no hotel you should travel with a camper-van to enjoy this place. You will be able to swim in the lake, hike in the area and climb (all level path, you can rent from us the equipment and take it with you).  Rent a CamperVan in Albania from 90€/night !

Why Explore tirana for some days?

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Day 3: Let's visit Shkoder !

   A good stop before the Alban’s Alps, you can discover a beautiful city, an ottoman castle and an amazing landscape. If it’s too warm go to the beach at 15 min and if you want some nature you have the bests spot for camper at 15 min also from Shkoder. 

Day 4: Hike or Bike in Teth-Valbone and Koman Lake

   Considered as one of the most beautiful montains of Europe ! Go to Thethi by a beautiful road from Shkoder. In the top you will be able to hike until Valbonne (a though hike but worthy that takes the entire day). If you want smaller hike to be able to sleep in Thethi there are plenty of them also! You will enjoy for sure, especially in summer !

Day 5: Chilling in Patok

   A nice stop if the beautiful park of Patok. Eat a good fresh and local fish in any restaurant nearby. Sleep among the birds and go to the beach 10 min away ! I can assure you that you will find no big hotels and only smiley locals 🙂 

Day 6: Diving session in Vlora !

Put your mask because you are diving ! And not anywhere but in the only marine national park of Alabania ! The shelter for sealions, dolphins, marine turtles and plenty of fishes. The prices are really affordable: Albanian Adventures or Oazi Blu Diving Center are the two only diving centers in Vlora, they are both really sympathetic and profesional. For all ages and level ! A beautiful experience to live 🙂

Day 7: Llogara National Park

You will fill to go to Canada in 20 min drive from the beaches, the landscape is amazing : at 1400m high the park will give you a bit of shadow and fresh air ! The restaurants on top are amazing and the camping spot are beautiful ! Hiking can be a good idea but be careful beacause all the hiking path are not well preserved. I recommend you to use the Wikiloc App to find your path in any time (all the hikes in Llogara had been recorded in the app).

Day 8: Climbing session in Gjipe Beach

20 min of approach from the camping spot, you will be able to climb next to the turquese waters of Gjipe, the biggest climbing spot of Albania. In the canyon some climing ways are 50m -80m high and are more complex (6A to 8B). Next to the sea, there are easy ways (3A->5C) for begginers. You can also do deep water climbing (go follow Rock Tirana to know better about climbing in Albania and Albanian adventures).

Gjipe beach climbing

Day 9: Hidden Beaches next to Jale

“The albanese riveira is known to be one of the most beautiful of Europe. But only few local people and experimented travellers know taht in fact Alabanese riveira is THE MOST beutiful one! You have to go to the “Aquarium beach” to see it by yourself ! Take your mask and tuba because the show will surprise you 😉  

Day 10: Hidden Beaches next to Saranda

We were supposed to stay 1 night but we stay 5 because this place is amazing. Before July you will be alone in this hidden beach that only locals know about. You can sleep there with your campervan but if you don’t have one, there is no hotel, so it will be harder. In summer it can be a bit crowded because of the restaurant but the place cannot be missed ! 

Day 11: Rest another day in Hidden Beach and fish your own Dorade !

Enjoy a bit more in this paradise, maybe eat in the restaurant ;). If you like sub-marine fishing it is the best spot of Albania. If you rent a van with us we can lent you an harpoon and the equipment for this discipline. Rent a CamperVan in Albania from 43€/night !

Day 12: Blue Eye

Famous spot that can be skipped if no time, but as it is in the way to Gjirokastër it is good to do it. The underwater spring is pretty and the area is quite beautiful. A good stop anyway.

Day 13: Gjirokastër​

Beautiful medieval ottoman city with its famous bazar. (Similar to Kruje, i reccomend you to do at least one of them). You should taste the Oshaf which is a really good desert that is typic from Gjirokastër. The castle is really worth the visit, and in total you could spend a whole afternoon walking in the “stone city”. 

Albania medieval ottoman city

Day 14: Hot Springs in Permet

   Let’s enjoy the magnificent natural hot springs of Permet, with the huge snowy montains as a landscape. Just at the begining of the canyon you will find the bigest hot spring in the area, the temperature is aprox. 35°. If you continue into the canyon you will find a small hidden one, 5° hotter than the first one and its color is surprising !

   If you are in van you can sleep just in front of them and enjoy them in the morning alone ! If you want to do canyoning, climbing or rafting our partenar guide Ben who is based in Permet will mentor you! Rent a CamperVan in Albania from 43€/night !

Day 15: The medieval city of Berat

   In the way back to Tirana, you will go through the “city of the thousands windows”, the most beautiful city of Albania. Its the better preserved  medieval ottoman city of Albania. You can sleep in van next to the castle and enjoy the local rackia, a strong alcohol 😉 

Rent your Motorhome, camper or Campervan Now!

Book now vans from 90 €/night !

You can book the vehicule and all the options on this website. Among those options you can choose to add climbing equipment, mountain bikes, kayaks and more features. You can pay by card or in cash once you are in Tirana or pay in advance in the website.

Rent a Campervan in Albania from 90€/night !

You can choose among our different models and request a quote! You don't need credit card !
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